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Not every lead coming through the Valuation Tool will be ready to sell right away. This is where drip marketing comes in. It allows you to automate a sequence of emails to a lead, helping your brand stay top of their mind, so that when they are ready, they’ll think of you first.

1. Create a Drip account

You can do this here.

2. Find Your Drip credentials

Client ID
API Token
  • Login to Drip
  • Click on the Drip icon in the top left corner (next to “Campaigns”).
  • The URL of this page will be - where XXXXXX is your client ID.
  • Login to Drip.
  • Click on “Settings” in the top right corner, and then click on “My User Settings”.
  • Your API token is at the bottom above the submit button.

3. Set Up A Campaign!

When someone completes the Valuation Tool, a custom event will be pushed to your Drip account. This will have the name “Got instant valuation”.

This contains the following fields:

Field Type Notes
firstname text
surname text
address text
postcode text
beds number
phone number
sales_est_val number
Sales value in pounds
sales_min_val number
Min. sales value in pounds
sales_max_val number
Max. sales value in pounds
yield number
rent_est_val number
Rent value in pounds
rent_min_val number
Min. rent value in pounds
rent_max_val number
Max. rent value in pounds
eta text
  • “asap”
  • "3-months"
  • "6-months"
  • "9-months"
  • "12-months"
  • "unknown"
reason text
  • "selling-only"
  • "buying-selling"
  • "buying-only"
  • "letting-only"
  • "just-nosey"
status text
  • "New"
  • "Contacted"
  • "Valuation Booked"
  • "Instructed"
  • "Lost"
If '1' the checkbox was checked. If '0' it was left unchecked.

You can use this event to subscribe the user to a campaign.

If you mark a user as spam, they will be deleted from your Drip account. Other changes to status (e.g to Contacted) will also update the user in Drip.